I started taking boxing classes in 1998 and have worked out with various instructors through the years.  I had heard about Jenaro through one of my instructors basically because he used to train all the instructors of NYSC, but had never taken his classes before.  But I can say without a doubt that when I did start with him, there was no question of ever taking someone else’s class again.  He is by far the best instructor I’ve ever had – he takes the time to teach you proper form, he pushes you to limits you didn’t know you had in you, he brings such energy, he inspires you.  I get out of bed at 5 am 3 times a week to do this class because it has brought me to the best level of fitness that I’ve ever been in.  The comraderie and support you get from Jenaro and the regulars is unsurpassed.  We have become friends outside of the class as well and that is an added bonus I am grateful for.  He is in a class by himself as an instructor and as a person and as a role model.

—Cecile Yaptenco

It was about 4 years ago , when I started work as a personal trainer at NYSC. I decided to take part in the group classes and  get an idea of what the gym had to offer. Little did I know, I would meet somebody who would transform my life and be such an inspiration to me professionally and personally. Who was this guy who was so energetic at 6:45am and yelling “ BEAR CRAWLS”?  Jenaro’s 7 am boxing class was the hardest  and most exciting workout I ever did. It was tough just to finish, but I did and ever since that day, I’ve been a student and a fan of Jenaro.  He brings out the best in everyone and pushes you right through your plateaus . I feel we all  are very lucky to able to train with Jenaro every week. He is in a class by himself and always gives 110% of himself.   Jenaro truly impacts people’s lives in a positive way every day!  Thank you Champ!

—Jay Lippa

I have been a member of NYSC for many years and have used the facilities primarily to train for triathlons along with pure distance / endurance races. The monotony of this year round training regimen began to take its toll on my mental health about 3 years ago. Basically I just couldn’t do it anymore and my mind and body was screaming for change. While openly discussing this mental and physical state to a friend who had previously gone through a similar experience a few years back, he introduced the NYSC offering of boxing classes. I attended a class the very next week and Jenaro Diaz entered my life. I walked in and he immediately introduced himself and explained in detail what the class was all about while assisting me with wrapping my hands simultaneously teaching me how to do it. The next sixty minutes I could honestly say changed my life forever. He led us through a very aggressive warm up while managing to keep the class loose with his unique style and uncanny ability to inject perfectly timed and often amusing commentary. After the warm up he expertly set up a rotation of stations that would challenge every individual with the primary station being a few minutes with Jenaro himself. It was in these few minutes that confirmed what I already suspected – this class was something special. He worked with me and taught me how to stand, move, punch, block and most importantly breathe with the patience of a saint. During the entire few minute session there were complete strangers encouraging me to give everything I have and do my best. When my turn was over Jenaro gave me a high five followed by almost the entire class. Words can’t describe what I felt being a newcomer to the class and having such open acceptance and acknowledgment from so many starting with Jenaro. I knew right there and then that I had found exactly what I had been looking for. I have been attending Jenaro’s class for the last three years and a most unexpected and cherished bonus I received are the friendships established with Jenaro along with most of the individuals who regularly attend his class. I have come to love and respect this man for the person he is inside and outside the NYSC experience along with most of my classmates. Now after 3 years I can say that not only am I in the best shape of my life but my life has been enriched with friendships that will last a lifetime established through our common bond that is JENARO.

—John Lanigan

Jenaro’s boxing class has taken my workout to a higher level. He inspires and motivates me. Just when you feel like doing less, he gets you to do more. His charisma and enthusiasm are contagious and you feel the camaraderie in class (and outside of class too). Anyone interested in improving their workout would appreciate all Jenaro offers, I know I do.

—David J. Smith

Jenaro is an amazing instructor. His classes engage you in total body workouts that balance strength training and cardio, all while improving your boxing technique. But more than just the workout, his classes offer a phenomenal experience: he gives nothing less than 100% and he creates an environment where everyone, from beginners to people who have been working with him for years, feels challenged and inspired. One of my favorite aspects of the class is how, following Jenaro’s lead, we all support and cheer each other on as we face him on those fast and furious mitts. While we’re each focused our own workout, ramping it up and also modifying as we need to, we’re all there together, smiling while we’re doing it.

—Cynthia Yang